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An international, large enterprise and services IT specialist, with extensive technological expertise and in- depth knowledge of software solutions. As part of our Professional services and Specialist IT Resource offerings, we deliver custom developed software solutions, mobile applications and highly skilled IT resources. At JMR we are highly experienced in successfully delivering complex data migration projects through our BITSHIFT – Data Migration Solution.

Our tools, methodology and expertise ensure that we can significantly reduce your risk. Through our vast experience we carry out an initial assessment and mapping of data sources, and offer a fixed price, fixed time service with guaranteed delivery of your data migration project. eezi-Sign – Digital Signature Solution is JMR Software’s web-based digital signature solution.

This platform independent solution enables you to set up documents that can be digitally signed online and in real time. Fully auditable, it enables faster more secure and legally binding approval, reducing cost for print, postage and removes uncertainty of delivery failure. Significantly reduces the time, cost and risk of getting business documents authorized. Whether for internal processes, partner, supplier or customer- facing documentation – eezi-Sign gets documents signed off in seconds.