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In our experience, what we have found is that today’s businesses face four main challenges when it comes to cybersecurity:

  • There is no consolidated view of all activity across your heterogeneous architecture
  • Current signature-based technologies are no match for highly motivated attackers
  • Advanced persistent threats require real-time detection and proactive response
  • Events lack enrichment and context that empower data driving decision making

The Snode Guardian cybersecurity platform utilises learning machines, interactive data visualisations and data fusion at scale to provide your organisation with a “single source of truth” by seamlessly integrating into your key data sources and providing you with a consolidated view through a single pane of glass with real-time contextual alerting, enabling proactive responses to all threats in your network.

Everything from printers to wearable devices are interconnected within your corporate network and emerging trends such as IoT and cloud technologies further your risk exposure and are often left relatively unprotected. Guardian protects your network by securing the devices you own, whilst protecting against those you don’t, enabling businesses to establish a robust security posture that minimizes the risks faced by the ever-changing technology landscape.



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