Michèle Hall

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Education highlights

I obtained B.Sc and Honours degrees from the University of the Witwatersrand, an M.Sc in Organometallic Chemistry from the University of Pretoria, and an MBL from the University of South Africa, the latter allowing me to expand my business role.


Career overview

I started my career in research, quality and factory management in the explosives manufacturing industry. After ten years in the manufacturing industry, I moved to the ICT outsourcing service industry.  After 16 years, in both client-facing and operational roles with ICT outsourcing service providers, I was appointed to my current CIO role at Nampak in April 2015, allowing me to blend both my manufacturing and ICT experience.


Current role

My role as CIO at Nampak has been firstly one of rebuilding trust in the service delivered by the Information Management (IM) division. This has been achieved by rebuilding the capability, focus and confidence of the IM team and by liaising actively and openly with all IM internal stakeholders.  Parallel to this has been and continues to be, the transformation of all information technology platforms to improve the access to, and speed of transactional processes and to enhance the value of information available for more effective and efficient operations and decision-making in Nampak. Recent successes to this end includes the implementation of a new Business Intelligence system, positioning Nampak for data analytics, and the re-platforming of the entire Nampak data centre infrastructure and applications.


In addition to this, my role includes being a change agent across the organisation to promote the optimal and pervasive use of technology in manufacturing and business processes – essentially to communicate and realise the vision of the 4th industrial revolution which fosters the use of technology to automate processes and improve efficiency. I am thus responsible for solutions that will enable the business to meet future objectives, by capitalising on the emerging technologies of Big Data and the Internet of Things and using business systems and technology as business process enablers.

 Michèle Hall was nominated for the 2017 IITPSA Visionary CIO of the Year Award.