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Principal Director: Head of
Technology Cluster, Barclays Africa

I’m a highly experienced Senior IT Leader with 20 years of experience in the IT field, including
providing IT consulting and strategic leadership over the last 12years. I leverage my deep IT knowledge in strategic IT, systems, programming, networks, infrastructure, data, analysis, and architecture to contribute significantly to the direction of businesses and the operational execution of objectives.

I effectively manage all operational aspects of the IT function, including daily systems and support, network and data security, business intelligence, software development, and project management and system / business analysis. My broad business background allows me to have a big picture perspective when dealing with business challenges, as well as managing resources, budgeting, cost control, and customer relationship management, while being able to translate these into effective systems and processes.

I enjoy building and leading teams to tackle large business challenges, such as the architecture and implementation of key business systems, platforms, and programs for ForgeBusinessOnline. I’m a leader with an eye for both the bigger picture and still manage to keep an eye on the detail, thereby identifying opportunities to optimize processes.

I am an enthusiastic individual, who is passionate about tackling new challenges. I thrive on finding innovative and interesting ways to solve problems, challenging the status quo, and exceeding expectations, while delivering value to my clients

If you are in need of a strong Senior Leader to help you plan your future and then help you make it happen, please email me kevin.rolfe at I’m eager to discuss your challenges and how I can help.


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