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Director EMEA
CyberStream Global

Don't settle for less, do what you love.

I have done a complete 180 turn in my career, starting out as an Industrial Engineer whom worked as a Continuous improvement officer - lovely way of saying I had to use method and work study to come up with unique/innovative solutions to automate production lines in major plants. Essentially I used to eliminate employees and design fully automated systems.

We all stumble through a few jobs to find that career - your calling - and when I got involved in assisting professionals with a new career, I realised this is it!

I lead a Team of Talent consultants and we take a different approach to most when matching a Professional to a career he/she wants, offering career development, matching aspirations or simply proactively marketing top skills to their dream/wishlist company.


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Enabling alignment and collaboration around every corporate initiative as the CEO of Technology