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Hyperledger Lead
Blockchain Academy

Fabian is what one could commonly refer to as a “Geek Boy.” He has over 20 years’ experience in the IT sector ranging from website development to IT Management consulting services. Through his experience, Fabian has played a pivotal role in advancing IT initiatives and projects across various Industry sectors including finance, industrial, retail, hospitality, IT and manufacturing. He simply loves technology and how it is utilised to improve the way we live. His current role is that of Project Manager and Business Analyst for a Cash Management company as well as being the Hyperledger Lead at the Blockchain Academy. His passions are, God, family and Disruptive Technologies such as Blockchain, AI, AR and IoT. In order to understand Hyperledger, he built a Hyperledger Fabric network, installed Hyperledger Composer and deployed Smart Contracts written in GoLang, which he taught himself. “Geek Boy,” right?

One of his favourite quotes is by the late Steve Jobs – “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” He explains it as follows, “One should never let a past, great achievement deter one from achieving something even greater and one should never think that one knows it all. There is always another who could teach one a thing or three.” 



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