Welcome to the 2018 Advisory Panel

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Welcome to the 2018 Advisory Panel


Our advisory panel members are instrumental in assisting with the conceptualisation and crafting of the conference agenda. Utilising their extensive industry experience, they are able to assist with designing a programme, which offers real educational value. By doing so, we are able to attract your exact target audience to the event.

Richard van Rensburg, Deputy CEO: IT & Services, Pick ‘n Pay joined the board of PnP as a non-executive director in 2010. In 2012 he was appointed Deputy CEO responsible for Information Systems, Value Added Services, Online Retailing and Property. Richard previously served as a partner with audit firm Ernst and Young and has served on the boards of Massmart, Woolworths and Wooltru before founding a successful information technology services company, Affinity Logic. He retired in 2003, spending nearly three years in retirement with his family before starting a private investment company in 2005. He is a past international Chairman of the Young Presidents Organisation (YPO). Richard has an honours degree in Information Systems from UCT and is a qualified charted accountant.

Sean Maritz, CIO, Eskom conceives, plans and conducts work in unexplored areas where there is little or no theory to guide experimentation or application and where new approaches and methodologies need to be devised and future lines of outcomes are difficult to determine. He develops new theoretical treatments, methodologies and technologies. His work relates to end decision-making normally associated with tactical issues.

Brent Curry, CIO, The Foschini Group started his career as an industrial engineer and managed various functional areas within the Foschini Group, before being appointed to head the group’s ICT division. He holds undergraduate qualifications in industrial engineering and quantitative management and post-graduate qualifications in operations management. TFG Infotec is one of seven divisions in the Services arm of the Foschini Group. Both Services and Operations report to the operating board of the Foschini Group of companies. This board reports to the CEO. Curry is the Group CIO and as such oversees the operations making up the TFG Infotec division. Curry has ten departments reporting to him. These include the financial department, the HR department, service management centre department, the project management office, the infrastructure department, enterprise architecture, development centres as well as ICT governance, risk and security.

Attend the 9th Annual IT Leaders Africa Summit on the 23rd & 24th of May 2018 at the Century City Conference Centre to hear from industry thought leaders.

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