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IT Leaders Africa Track:

The IT Leaders Africa Track engages with trends and topics affecting CIO’s from various industries across the African continent. IT Leaders addresses IT from a leadership perspective and involves business strategy implementation and the technology that drives this, as well as topics concerned with C-suite IT executives. This track will focus on the CIO as a leader and the various facets of this role.


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The summit will take a look at the ICT industry through an African lens and engage with topics and themes with the objective of development and progress.
Delegates can choose from a number of educational workshops presented by industry leaders and solution providers who are appointed to impart practical knowledge surrounding the application of theories and solutions, as well as how these have affected enterprises. These 60 minute breakaway sessions provide an intimate platform for you to gain insider knowledge and interact with the presenters. Through these workshops, attendees will be introduced to solutions and services such as:
  • Digitisation
  • Hybrid WAN
  • Behaviour authentication
  • Behaviour analytics
  • Machine learning
  • IT Governance
  • Cloud implementation
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • eGovernance
  • Electronic document delivery
  • Cyber resilience
  • IT trend analysis

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The role of the CIO has shifted significantly to become an all-encompassing leadership position. This session will delve into the human element of the IT-centric leadership role.
Understanding the business is essential to develop new insights into how to apply technology. This session will engage with trends in growing your enterprise through the use of IT.
Leaders are looking to pre-empt potential cyber-attacks and avoid the damage control that they are left with post-breach. This session will provide practical knowledge about how to improve on your organisation’s cyber security strategy.

The Business Tech Track:

The IT Leaders Business Tech Track will take place on the innovation floor alongside the IT Leaders Africa Track. This concurrent track will focus on hot topics in ICT including IOT, AI, Governance, Big Data & Cloud, Cyber Security, and innovative tech impacting African business. This track will include speakers and topics for all who are interested in finding out what’s next in the technology sphere and are keen to engage with the latest ICT trends and innovation, as well as an opportunity for the larger IT team to engage with IT Leaders Africa.

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There are a number of start-ups and enterprises engaging with new ideas and creating innovative technology to solve critical issues, save money, and make business more efficient. This session will introduce you to these innovators and depict the exponential growth and steady upward trajectory of the ICT industry.

The Internet of Things is a hot topic in the tech world. The expansion of network possibilities has created a plethora of opportunities as well as potential threats. This session brings you an opportunity to learn how IoT affects you and your business through presentations from leading African innovators.
The development of AI has the potential to completely transform the way businesses are run and the lives of the individuals. This session will take a look at where we are in terms of progress, as well as the potential for the future, and how AI affects your enterprise.
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With recent data breaches and cyber attacks, cyber security is a top priority for companies and individuals. Cyber criminals are becoming smarter and more innovative and organisations and the public need to be on high alert. This session will delve into cyber security innovation, cyber security tech application, and innovative perspectives on cyber crime.
It is essential for IT roles to ensure effective and efficient IT implementation through various processes. This session will address the practical application of key governance topics such as King IV, POPI, and other frameworks within corporate governance from an IT perspective to ensure that you walk away with tools to apply in your role.
Harnessing Big Data is essential for business as it holds key insights for business application. Data in large volumes inundates organisations on a daily basis, and needs to be managed and stored. This session will look at cloud storage, big data analysis, and other practical learnings.


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